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i like that the SPN description on Netflix is ‘Siblings Dean and Sam crisscross the country, investigating paranormal activity and picking fights with demons, ghosts, and monsters’

picking fights

it makes it sounds like the demons, ghosts, and monsters are like just hanging out and all of a sudden dean and sam show up and like bug the shit out of them

“hey wendigo, nice wig, what’s it made of?”


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What if Supernatural is just a story being written by a lonely writer who lives across the street from these two brothers? No one ever really spoke to him, or bothered to ask if he was okay, but one day his car broke down and the older brother came out and helped him fix it. The next day the younger brother came over to see if he could use his computer to take an online test for class and they end up talking about Stanford. Suddenly, he has friends, and they are his heroes, so he sits down and writes amazing adventures where the brothers are the heroes, and they save people. Bad things happen, but family is the most important thing. 

Then, on a whim, he writes himself into the story. He changes his mind later, and kills the character based on himself, but neither brother will let him stay out of their lives for long. If he hides away, they come and find him. If he tries to cut them out, they forgive him. 

One day he comes home to find the elder brother on his computer, reading his stories, and all he can think of is how he wrote his own character, staring longingly at this man, wistful, but ever distant. 

“So Dean…that’s me, right?”

And he nods, ever so slightly. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“For Cas.”

And then the elder brother grins. “What are you talking about? Cas is my favorite character.”

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i like how sam is telling dean as if he doesn’t know. in retrospect i should have switched him and ruby



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Supernatural Japanese dub.

I just want you all to know. That the Japanese dub of Supernatural is hilarious. 

Bobby…. Bobby’s voice is kinda high. It’s…. well it’s funnier than John Winchester’s voice. I didn’t realize this was possible.

And Sam. Oh lord Sam’s voice. 

But Dean. Dean has a pretty well chosen voice actually XD

Sadly they don’t have Season 5 or 6 at my department store. 

I had a dream about Jared Padalecki, that guy that plays Sam in Supernatural. I dreamed that he was coming to Japan to teach too, and he was part of my group that was going to Japan. So we’re broing around, me and him and some other people headed to the same place. Then someone brings up the show Supernatural to him, and I say something about his fans, casually bring up the yaoi shippers. And he says “Oh all those people that want to see Sam make out with other guys…?” He laughs, finds the whole thing hilarious, and says sometimes he does stuff just to set them off. 

And then he tells me to ignore them and let them have their fun, but then tells me not to look for porn of him because that would be weird since he knows me. Then I woke up. 

I don’t even watch Supernatural. What is this.