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Thoughts: Christian Privilege



Yesterday, I posted a story about a woman who was receiving conservative support for refusing to do her job.  She refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because she felt that it violated her religion.

As I thought about the issue more and more, I realized that this woman truly feels that she is being persecuted for her beliefs.  How incredibly sad.  And not in the, wow-it-sucks-to-be-her way, but in the, wow-I-can’t-believe-that-you-honestly-believe-that kind of way.

The idea of Christian persecution in the United States is becoming more frequently voiced and I find the whole debacle to be entirely trite.  It reminds me of an only child gaining a new sibling and being outraged that they now have to share.

In this country, Christians are extremely privileged.  They are the vast majority and yet, any instance where they are expected to be tolerant of other beliefs or allow for non-discrimination policies, they claim that they are being persecuted.  How absolutely absurd.  I doubt that most US Christians would even know what persecution was if it stared them in the face.

Being expected to maintain a secular country isn’t Christian persecution, it’s following the Constitution and the wishes of our Founding Fathers.  Being expected to treat everyone fairly isn’t Christian persecution, it’s the law.  Being held to the same laws and legislation as every other citizen isn’t Christian persecution, it’s equality.

So please Christians, before you start claiming that you’re being persecuted for your beliefs, take a look at your own privilege.  Making such outlandish statements will just embarrass you and make you look incredibly ignorant.

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