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About flashing gifsets and “click and drag” games


A lot of fandoms have gifsets like these, that rapidly flash images that you are meant to click and drag to select a random character.  Like this one, that I’ve seen like 5 people reblog on my dash: (my screencap isn’t animated obviously):

They are one of the most triggering things on Tumblr to people with epilepsy.  By reblogging gifsets like this with no warning you are putting people at risk of seizures.

If you are planning to reblog it, at least use trigger warnings in your tags so people with epilepsy can screen them with Tumblr Savior.

I personally tag: gifset, animated gif, and most importantly, epilepsy warning. Do NOT tag it simply “epilepsy” as this is a tag epileptics use to share info on Tumblr.

You could also just do what I did and reblog your screenshot, with a link to the flashing version. (So people aren’t forced to see the flashing version.)

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Soulja Boy, Uncle Iroh - Happy Birthday, My Son





whoop,s my hand slipped

vondell what did you DO

words can’t describe the reaction i had i am serious i laughed so hard that….. this happened on my tablet

i literally laughed so hard i let a bunch of drool fall on my tablet and i traced it there you go.


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