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cuteordeath reblogged your post: The toilet in my hotel bathroom has one of those…

you could always get…these: “Ecohime” flushing…yeah, my…

So far the toilets haven’t bothered me in the hours I’ve been in the US again. Mainly I’m startled because a lot of people are more openly abrasive in a way that doesn’t happen in Japan. 

ANd the first time someone handed my American change, I flipped shit for a moment like what the fuck is this shit 

The fact there’s a new penny I didn’t know about doesn’t help either though. 

cuteordeath replied to your post: What have you enjoyed most about living in Japan? What about the least?

I so feel you on the last part. took me forever to figure out that my bosses were telling me to do stuff when they said, “it’s better to do ____”

I got lucky because they’d straight up ask “Can you do____?” and usually I was like well that’s something that was in my job description so I don’t really have a reason to say no…. 

But then I realized that it was politeness. “Can you do this?” was really, “Well we changed it so you’ll do this, if that’s okay.” But after they say, “Can you do….?” we have that really irritating song and dance where I ‘convince’ them I can handle it and that it’s fine. sobs. I just find it so awkward. Just tell me I’ll do it, it’s fine. sobs