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Question from blazingspirit

tbh I think I've been following you almost as long as I've been on Tumblr and I'm very glad for it. You're always such a happy, positive presence on my dash, and your anecdotes about your everyday goings-on are always so fun to read. And tbh I hope you're having a lovely day. :)

waawaaaa you’re a total cutie. I think you’re one of the people I remember being around longer than anyone and I like talkingto you <3

Today I’m going to see the new live action Kiki’s delivery service movie so I’m super happy. * o * 

why be naked and lazy alone when you can be naked and lazy with company?

that depends solely on the company. some people i’d never want to be naked around or see them be naked near me and others well they can come here now in nothing but a cute headband and i’d give them a spot on my couch.l 

so it depends it depends. 

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KAT-TUN sounds like ‘cartoon’! Hence the TV show they had for a while (IDK if it’s still on), Cartoon KAT-TUN, and their second album was called Cartoon KAT-TUN II You (five years later and I still roll my eyes, yikes).

hahahaha Puns are really popular here. It’s amusing but sometimes English puns they do hurt. In university, I did a course in Old Japanese- like old kanji, the old grammar styles. It was really difficult. But even in all this beautiful gorgeous parts of the story every now and then there’d be a really terrible pun and it’d be like this pun barely makes any sense. Why hahaha 

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Johnnys groups all have terrible names. KAT-TUN is also a name acronym, Hey Say JUMP is ‘Johnny’s Ultra Music Power’, SMAP is ‘Sports Music Assemble People’, Kitty GYM is another name acronym…

That’s true. sigh. At least Hey Say JUMP just sounds like a cute name though. Smap sounds like something greasy, and KAT-TUN sounds like nothing. Kitty GYM is kinda a cute name though haha