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Everyone kept reblogging the first pic and not the second, which I think may be important in context.

Maybe. XD

Second part is definitely important. 

But since neither of the images actually have any context … it’s not like anything is written in stone because of these two images. X3 

Oh, certainly! I really do wonder what Himaruya meant with these images.

Me too! When you reblogged the other person whho thought this was a death scene, I just stared at it for a second like… it’s a group of people and a guy who could be sleeping with… some squiggles. I didn’t necessarily thing “dead HRE” when I saw it. XD I do hope he tells us though. 

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why do people complain about hetalia not portraying germany as a jew hating nazi soldier ludwig represents the people in germany the citizens did you know the more you know besides it would be more offensive if he was a nazi soldier did you know

also the country of Germany in its entirety including it’s history before and after WWII=NaziNaziNaziLand

All Germans Are Nazis, don’t you know? Eh, hatrers gonna hate.

It annoys me when fans try to make Ludwig out to be just a Nazi and reduce him down to “Naziland.” 

It also annoys me when people reduce Japan down to “WWII Imperial Japan” and try to make his whole character about Imperial Japan. It’s not like Japan is incredibly pacifist these days or anything. 

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