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Did I tell you guys that I saw my students naked? I was teaching 11 year old kids, and apparently they had swim class after my class. Typically the kids will break off into “Girls change in this classroom” “boys change in this classroom” and the kids have to wait till the ‘coast is clear’ to start changing. 

Well I was still putting my stuff away into my bag because class just ended…. then I looked up and like 3 or 4 little boys were already absolutely naked. And my jaw drops and I’m like I LOOK AWAY FOR TEN SECONDS AND THERE ARE NAKED CHILDREN WHAT’S HAPPENING. 

But then the teacher that was helping me teach notices- she’s a woman too and they’re supposed to wait till all the women and little girls leave (there were still tiny ladies in there) and my teacher starts screaming in Japanese like WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR PENISES OUT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO WAIT 

and she keeps going and I’m like speed walking out of the room like “Guys it’s not my fault all the kids were suddenly naked this is not my job.” XD 

  1. blazingspirit said: Ten seconds from orderly classroom to nudist colony, I’m legitimately impressed.
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    Like, it’s not even that I freaked me out so much as for this one brief moment I was startled like oh god how can I lose...
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    Hey this happened to me too but I’m in canada