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I TAG ALL MY FOLLOWERS. Again. Because it’s what I do instead of picking. 


1. If you had to learn a new language, what would you pick? (if you’re already bilingual or multilingual, pick another one you don’t already speak!)

—— Well I want to relearn the French I studied in high school and then progress many levels higher than the one I got to. 

2. What is your current fandom and what draws you to it?

—— I’m going to say Utena, just because it’s the fandom that I always come back to after I’ve had a long day watching wars in others and I can just sit and look at pretty art of Utena and watch people have really great discussions about how wonderful it is. 

3. Do you enjoy any outdoor activities? If so, what?

——  Is picnics an outdoor activity that counts. I love those. I think I really just like to take walks in the woods more than anything. I mean, I love soccer too but my knees are pretty bad now. I just want to go and sit outside and maybe read. 

4. What kind of music do you like? Optional: put your music on shuffle and post the first 5 songs that come up

—— Kpop and stuff I guess. I jump around what I listen to and now it’s a lot of kpop. I don’t have much music on this computer sobs. Let’s see what happens. 

5. What is the coolest place you’ve ever visited?

—— Hmmmmm well I really liked Kobe. Oh I liked Kobe a lot. 

6. Do you own any fandom-related merchandise? Name a few things you have if so.

—— I have a lot of Madoka figures. A lot of them. And a QB pencil case and yeah a lot of the merchandise I have right now is Madoka. with like a few Railgun things. 

7. What was the last movie you saw in a theater? Did you like it?

—— Thor. Because I haven’t found a movie theater near my town in Japan and I’ve heard it’s fucking expensive here. But I loved Thor. 

8. Describe or share a picture of your favorite article of clothing that you own

—— !!!!! 
I have a top hat.

In all seriousness though maybe it’s this

 or this: 

9. Do you like snow?

—— I like…. looking at it? 

10. What plans do you have for your future? Be it a year from now or several.

—— moving to Canada. Living with Cici. 

11. Name 5 good things in your life right now.

-Good Job
-My students
-nice JETs here in my town
-my turtle

My Questions:

  1. Where are you from? 
  2. Why are you following me and how long have you been around?
  3. What yuri anime/manga/femslash pair is your favorite? 
  4. Name a quirk about yourself.
  5. If you got one wish, what you would wish for? 
  6. A djinn is going to grant you a favor but you only have two options: living in ultimate paradise doing whatever you want and having everything you wanted for 40 days or living in moderate comfort and safety for 40 years. Which would you pick? 
  7. If you were an Animagus, what animal would you transform into?
  8. One thing you can’t stand? 
  9. If you could visit one country for free, what country would you visit and why? 
  10. If you could have one superpower, what would you pick? 
  11. If you could meet anyone at all in the course of history and they could magically speak your language, who would you want to talk to? 


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