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Question from my-wit-fails-me

What have you enjoyed most about living in Japan? What about the least?

What I like the most: Elementary school visits. They’re exhausting but way worth it. The younger kids treat me like I’m famous and they’re so eager to learn and to share with me. I also like being able to buy so much cheap nerdy anime stuff, along with you know authentic awesome Japanese food whenever I want, and getting a lot of respect for being a teacher. 

Things I like least: Probably the fact that sometimes I have squids- like one day it was like 20 tiny baby squids and it was gross- in my school lunch. They also have a tendency to ask you if you’ll do something as if you have a choice in the matter when really they’re telling you that you’ll do it but they’re being polite. It’s their culture I know, but it gets a bit frustrating. 

  1. cuteordeath said: I so feel you on the last part. took me forever to figure out that my bosses were telling me to do stuff when they said, “it’s better to do ____”
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