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majere616 replied to your post: On a sidenote, I was looking at games to see what…

Okay, so I guess my sister is gaming wrong because she`s playing Skyrim right now. Also, Lego games are not casual, they are fucking hardcore as fuck.

I’m telling you. I side-eyed it all really really badly. Especially the “halo is too complex for girls” bit. 

Also, I’m playing dragon age origins and eating cereal out of my glass of kahlua and milk. I might have lost control of my life. 

  1. majere636 said: If only I could live a single day of my life the way you live every day of yours. Also, Halo isn’t complex. At all.
  2. bbalgangyi said:… Tossgirl exists and is an awesome starcraft player. All of the arguments about girl gamers only liking casual games are invalid. On a side note, I know some girls who have apms in the low 200~low 300s so….
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