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On a sidenote, I was looking at games to see what I was going to play soon. So I thought ah I’ll google for games that have cool female characters, that’d be nice. And I kept getting things like “What kind of game to I get my sister? what kind of games do chicks like?” which was always met with “Get games like sims and really casual games like that or puzzle games that are simple.” There was even an article like, “We all know that mostly guys play games, and that girls, if they play games, they play casual games like Peggle and sims. Games that make male gamers shudder at the thought of, and that girls find games like Halo complicated, confusing, and a waste of time. So here’s some casual but still fun for male gamers to play.” 

Then gave a list of ‘casual’ games like peggle, lego adventure games, rock band, and old school sonic and mario games because they were easy enough for the ~casual~ female gamers but still fun enough that the serious male gamers could enjoy it. 

And I’m sitting there like. And we wonder where some 14 year old chicks get the idea that they’re the only girls that game out there. 

I did find one question like this on a game forum that was met with utter derision and upset by almost all gamers there, regardless of gender. So that did make me happy. But most posts like that were seriously just: Oh here girls like casual really easy games like peggle and lego games. 

  1. majere636 said: Okay, so I guess my sister is gaming wrong because she`s playing Skyrim right now. Also, Lego games are not casual, they are fucking hardcore as fuck.
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