The Lesbian Love Sage

My English board has a “What do you like” question for the kids.

And one person has written Melon Soda like 5 times and then written just melon two or three times.

Then there was that kid that wrote “FRIEND and computer”  in English (they recently added “best” to friend) and then drew a rabbit with a sword.

Well another kid was like “Are you an otaku??”

Then that kid later wrote “sumimasen I misunderstood.”

But after that another kid wrote on the board “Otaku<3<3<3”

And another kid put “www”

And I’m just watching this all unravel like omigod. 

  1. oncecolourful said: is that one kids BEST friend usagi yojimbo cause I approve
  2. blazingspirit said: omg these ultimate cuties. I love hearing about your students, I think I am growing quite fond of them.
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