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Onsen trip!

We were having a farewell party for the teachers that are leaving. Teachers in Japan are constantly switching schools so we’re switching out 9 teachers. So at the end of the year we have a big party for them at an onsen.

Well it’s my first onsen trip so I don’t really know what to expect. But I go down with one of my teachers to bathe and I strip in this little room but there’s not a whole lot of people there so it’s okay. I shower off but the water is really fucking cold. And I get into a bath while my teacher finishes. She’s like well you can come to this stone spa.

Which is a big room filled with smoothed out rocks and it’s hot and you lay in the rocks with your head on a wooden pillow. And it was really nice. 

Then I went into the outside onsen and just laid there. A nice lady came out and was like “Does it feel good?” which I thought was funny because I’ve never talked to a stranger while I was naked. Maybe that shouldn’t amuse me but it does. .-. I was leaning my head over the edge of the pool on my arms and left my body in the water so I must have looked like a lazy cat all stretched out.

Anyways, I saw several of my teachers naked, the lady ones anyways. So that was uh strange, but a pair of elementary school girls kept staring at my chest while I was getting dressed and that was really awkward and kind of funny. Like FOREIGNER BREASTS?? I guess. Hahahah

I also bought a bamboo bookmark because it had two frogs cuddled together under a leaf on it and yeah. <3

I was wearing my heart garter stockings and my short shorts and I got a very good reaction out of them and everyone thought I was cute and sexy. One of my teachers seemed to be drunk when I got there and he was like DO YOU HAVE TATTOOS? And I was like what… oh no my stockings heavens no I don’t have hearts tattooed up my thigh though it’d probably be cute if I did.

So, we had the enkai and got all the food was amazing. We all got our own tiny little table and they came and brought the food out in courses? So it was really really nice. Sakura mochi is so good okay *///A///* Ahhhhhhhhnnnnn. We had pickles, tempura, sushi, steak, mashed potatoes, soup, rice in tea, some other veggies that had konnyaku in them so I passed it off to the guy sitting near me. We had some fish that we boiled in front of us over a large completely on fire candle. I gave my octopus to someone else but ate the rest of the fish that they brought. It was several courses and I don’t remember what all of it was, but it ended with ice cream and fruits and ahhhhh. It was great.

At the end of the enkai we always have ‘cheers’ I guess is the best word for it. We all stand up in a circle and some of the guys scream a cheer and we all join in at the end with clapping and stuff. The really manly baseball coach did one that included a lot of running and his yukata kept flying open and he had to snatch it closed. It was hilarious. One of the female teachers—the cute 27 year old teacher that ‘ufufufuf’s that I talk about a lot- is leaving and she got really really really drunk. Since she was a guest of honor and everyone goes around the leaving teachers to do aisatsu (greetings, I guess but more like send off little talks in this case) and when they do they all bring beer and make sure your cup is full. So yeah, super wasted. So during her like send off speech that people told to her, she cried really really hard. And couldn’t give her own and had to try two more times before she could manage it.

But so, when we all gathered up near the end for the closing cheers, we also sung the school song. And like, there was a lot of drunken swaying. And the pretty lady teacher was too drunk to stand up. So she was in the middle of the circle and they gave her the mic and she just belted out drunkenly as many words as she could think of.

So after I’m going to give my greetings to the teachers leaving. And I’m going to give them all hugs because I’m American, goddammit, and if my friends are leaving I want to hug them first. And I wanted to hug my principal because I love him. So I give the pretty lady a hug and she hugs me again and again because she’s pretty wasted. I invite her to come to my house for scary stuff though so I’ll call her soon and invite her over I think. So I go to hug the next person down the line and it’s the cute young PE teacher guy. And he talks to me. Then I go to the nurse and she’s an older lady and made a bunch of crazy sounds and tried not to touch me too much while I was hugging her. So That was weird. She told me to be more confident. XD

Then I hugged the principal and he was like “Ahhh I’m happy.” He bragged about getting hugs later to my vice principal which I thought was pretty adorable. Another of the leaving teachers said he couldn’t remember the last time someone hugged him so it was nice to get a hug. I thought that was really cute. hahaha

I hugged the principal again later and he took that as cue to hug the two other women I was driving home with. And then he apologized to me for being a ‘danna-sama.’ Which I guess is the Japanese way of saying “Sorry I can’t help that I’m a pimp.” Haha danna-sama doesn’t really mean that really, but that was the idea and the best translation for what he said.

 I also hugged the manly baseball coach and the volleyball coaches because like once I’d hugged some other people it was okay I guess. Japanese people very rarely hug at all but they were all drinking and happy so. I hugged the baseball coach and he got excited enough that he hugged me again before he went to his room to get stuff. He also hugged me again outside and then he hugged me a final time to demonstrate the “proper way to give a Japanese hug” which was basically the same as a regular hug. Hahah I thought that was pretty hilarious.

When I gave my weird JTE who was collects receipts from convenience stores he said I’ll show you Japanese style now and he tried to feed me a strawberry and I was like no no no stop. Then he was like okay I’ll show you with this other  lady teacher. And tried to feed her. She allowed it but then he put the strawberry into his mouth and leaned really close and passed the strawberry to her with his mouth.

I pretended to be properly scandalized but mostly it was just funny. One of the volleyball coaches- it’s always him I guess- was like you should drink at least a little and was ordering Calpis sours for me all night. Hahah But they don’t have high alcohol content and are really really tasty so I didn’t mind. It was nomihoudai at that point so it was drink all you want and it’s not expensive.

So all in all a very interesting fun night.  

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